Important Information


As Melbourne enters another period of lock down, we would just like to check in and reassure you that we are still open and here for you. To protect ourselves and the community we have had to make some changes to the way we operate however.

  • We are currently only booking phone consultations, but if your doctor feels that you require a face to face review, then they will arrange a suitable time for you to come in.
  • Please be patient with the staff, both reception and doctors. We know it feels that you are being asked the same questions again and again, but our protocols are to make sure we identify you correctly and keep your confidentiality, as well as helping us assess coronavirus risk.
  • Please do continue coming in for your routine health care, it is still important to get you blood pressure checked, your pap smear done, and any other ailments treated.
  • We may have some unexpected staffing changes or early closures depending on exposure risk. Our primary goal is to keep you safe, so please be understanding if your appointment has to be changed.

Remember to stay home, wear your mask if you go out, and regularly check the DHHS website for further updates;


Flu vaccines now available 2020

Flu season is on its way, and this year will be complicated by the concurrent Covid-19 pandemic. There is a risk of co-infection with both viruses, so it is strongly recommended that anyone vulnerable receive their influenza vaccination this year. The following special groups are eligible for the government funded vaccine; children aged 6 months – 5 years; seniors over 65 years; anyone with a chronic health condition; all ATSI people and; pregnant women.


Zostavax (Shingles) Vaccination Program, update 23/09/2017

  • As of the 1st of November, 2016, people between the ages of 70 – 79 will be eligible for a Government funded Zostavax immunisation. Zostavax immunises people against Shingles.
  • Please feel free to phone us on 9742 7988 for more information or to  make a booking.  Alternately, you can book online for your vaccination.
  • For more information about Shingles and and the free Zostavax immunisation, click here


Whooping Cough Vaccination For New Parents

As of the first of June 2015, the Victorian Government Whooping Cough Vaccination Program for New Parents will begin.  These vaccines will be made available to all women over 28 weeks gestation for each pregnancy, partners of women over 28 weeks gestation who have not had a whooping cough vaccination in the last ten years and parents of babies born after the 1st June 2015.  These vaccines are free only for parents.  If you are becoming a Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin or are a friend of the family, you are still able to receive this vaccination at our clinic, but at a cost to yourself.